A Look at How Kryton Helped YVR’s Largest Airport Terminal Expansion Take Flight

An AirFrance airplane takes off from the YVR airport, which recently had one of its largest airport terminal expansions.

It All Started with Increasing Passenger Growth

A commercial aircraft cabin is full of passengers sitting as they wait to be flown to their destination.

That Led to the Formation of Multiple Building Teams

A yellow safety hard hat is leaning against a ledge next to three other safety hard hats, each in their own color of white, orange, and lastly, blue.

And It Could Have Easily Stopped There for the Airport Terminal Expansion

Light plays across the surface of an ominously deep body of water that is hazardously close to YVR and its airport terminal expansion.

But They Had Krystol® Waterproofing Technology at Their Side

The needle-shaped crystals of the Krystol technology in KIM can be seen interlocking together to protect YVR’s airport terminal expansion from water ingress.

The First of Which Helping the Airport Terminal Expansion Was KIM

The Next Was Krystol T1

Then, Lastly, the Krystol Waterstop System Protected the Rest

What’s More, They Even Had Access to the Krystol Assurance Program™

A construction worker with pen in right hand is looking over the KAP warranty for waterproofing YVR’s airport terminal expansion.

Thanks to Kryton-Exclusive Advantages, the Airport Terminal Expansion Was a Success

Under a bright blue and cloudy sky, an airplane triumphantly soars, taking off from YVR.



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Kryton International Inc.

Kryton International Inc.

Kryton’s suite of innovative Smart Concrete® products offers the most effective concrete waterproofing, durability, and monitoring solutions in the world.