What Can External Waterproofing Membrane Failure Teach Architects about Sustainable Construction?

A building professional is lifting a torn membrane to see the reason for the waterproofing membrane failure.

It’s Not Always Better to Stick with Technology You’re Comfortable With

An applied membrane has a hole torn through its surface.

No Matter Your Comfort with Them, Membranes Are Still High-Risk

Too Much Confidence in Membranes Can Lead to Poor Concrete Construction

In Fact, External Waterproofing Membrane Failure Is Incredibly Common

A waterproofing membrane failure has occurred around the foundation.

One of the Main Culprits for This Is Simply Poor Preparation and Installation

A clock rests on top of a blueprint at a worksite next to other blueprint tools.
  • A smooth and clean exterior
  • Falls for drainage
  • A space absent of formwork distortions, voids, and protrusions
A torn membrane has been folded upwards at a construction site.
  • Waterstop angles
  • Perimeter flashings
  • Vertical flashing angles
  • Pressure strip flashings
  • Chased drop flashings
  • Control joints
  • Drainage flanges
  • Cavity flashing downturns
  • Reinforcing at junctions
  • Overflow devices
  • Linear strip drains
  • Slip joints

The Second Culprit Is a Failure to Prime Areas Effectively

The Last Is a Lack of Insight into the Substrate’s Residual Moisture

That Puts Membranes in an Awkward Spot When It Comes to Sustainability

A construction worker is waterproofing a flat roof with a bitumen-sealing membrane.

Even Worse, Acquiring External Membranes Is Also Not That Sustainable

A tanker truck is driving through a foggy road.

For One, There Is a Global Materials Shortage That May Hinder That

Even Without a Shortage, Membranes Will Still Be Non-Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, There Are Better Alternatives Out There

A construction worker is throwing a pulpable bag of KIM into ready-mix concrete.

Just Look Up Your Options for Concrete Waterproofing Admixtures

We Recommend Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®) for Thorough, Sustainable PRAH Waterproofing

  • Reducing site disturbance by eliminating the need for excavation
  • Eliminating any possible waste it has by coming in custom-size pulpable bags
  • Containing no volatile organic compounds
  • Having NSF certification for safe use with potable water
  • Ensuring KIM-treated concrete can be recycled post-demolition

Waterproofing Membrane Failure Is a Sign to Revolutionize Your Design

Las Vegas’ CityCenter



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