The Top 4 Types of Smart Concrete® Technologies to Boost Concrete Construction

Several Chinese construction workers are concreting.

1. Crystalline Waterproofing Technology

Needle-shaped crystals within concrete at 30x magnification.
  • Taking time and intensive labor to apply the membrane
  • Having a waterproof barrier that has a shorter life span than the structure’s
  • Dealing with a membrane that got punctured during construction
  • Struggling to repair it as membranes are often inaccessible

PRAN Admixtures

PRAH Admixtures

2. Concrete Durability-Enhancing Admixtures

A comparison between concrete with and concrete without Hard-Cem shows that the concrete with Hard-Cem is smoother.

High-Range Water Reducers

Air-Entraining Admixtures

Corrosion-Inhibiting Admixtures

Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures

The Integral Hardening Admixture

3. Concrete Monitoring Sensors

A Maturix Smart Concrete Sensor is resting against an orange pole in a construction site.

Bluetooth Sensors

Sensors Powered by the Internet of Things

4. Concrete Technologies Made Possible with Nanotechnology

One of the lenses of a microscope is focused on nanotechnology that will bring about future concrete technologies.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Thermoelectric Concrete



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