Interview: Redefining Concrete Sustainability with ACI’s 212 Committee’s Report on Chemical Admixtures

A 3D rendering of an apartment building is next to a pile of plans for concrete sustainability practices and other green construction strategies.

Thank you for joining us, Kari! We know you’re currently working with other ACI members to revise the ACI 212 chemical admixtures document. Can you share what key topics the committee had in mind for the document?

How do you see these additions helping with concrete sustainability practices?

With that in mind, do you think this kind of document could help support a carbon reduction strategy?

The document even focuses on sustainability as a whole for admixtures in a chapter dedicated to the topic. Do you think this will be a game-changer for specifiers?

While it’s not out yet, when the 212 report is finalized and published, how do you think it will affect the construction industry as a whole?



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