Net-Zero-Carbon Concrete: What It Is and How to Make It Possible

A panoramic aerial view of a highway bridge among vast amounts of greenery.

So, What Is Net-Zero-Carbon Concrete?

A question mark highlighted in green is in front of a concrete background.

Let’s Start by Defining the First Part of That Phrase

And Now, Let’s Get to the Concrete Part of It All

A cement manufacturing plant is sending up plumes of smoke in broad daylight surrounded by green grass and trees.
A man in a business suit and construction hat is looking up to a concrete structure near multiple cranes that is being highlighted by the sun.

It’s Important, But It Remains Just One Part of a Bigger Net-Zero Emissions Plan

In shades of bright green, there is an outline of the earth that is encircled by circular lines that are also encapsulated by a transparent circle. All of that is surrounded by symbols for green practices, such as recycling and wind turbines.

Over 100 Countries Are Aiming to Produce Net-Zero Emissions and for Good Reason

A roadway with greenery on either side is shown going straight ahead. In the distance, dark clouds loom in the sky.
An Italian building with lush greenery coming out of it stands tall against the blue sky.

However, They Haven’t Hit the Required Targets for That Yet

Net-Zero-Carbon Emissions Are Still Possible by 2050

  • Increasing our current annual investment in clean energy to nearly $4 trillion by 2030
  • Decreasing the sales of passenger cars with combustion engines and the use of coal and oil plants
  • Ensuring electricity hits net-zero emissions worldwide by 2040
  • Allowing new low-emission industries to develop further in 2045

What Does That Mean for the Concrete and Cement Industries?

A plant for manufacturing cement, asphalt, and concrete is next to a few ready-mix trucks and other industry structures alongside green and browning grass and trees.

Worldwide, Industries Can Follow the Climate Initiative of the GCCA

  • Developing, supporting, and executing a 2050 roadmap for carbon-neutral concrete
  • Increasing the use of waste and by-products as alternative fuels and raw materials
  • Reusing concrete and demolished concrete more often
  • Driving more demand for sustainable products
  • Establishing metrics for determining the resilience of buildings and infrastructure

In Canada Specifically, Companies Can Support the Roadmap to Net-Zero-Carbon Concrete

  • Increasing insight into and opportunities for the use of low-carbon products
  • Encouraging acceptance of low-carbon concrete
  • Providing support material, methods, and other tools to promote green practices
  • Identifying projects that could reduce their GHG emissions for cement and concrete production
  • Bolstering environmental product declarations and other green measuring tools for products
  • Developing codes and standards that further technological advances in low-carbon structures

All of Us Have a Part We Can Play to Contribute to the Roadmap

On either side of a road that is slowly going uphill, there is both lush green grass and trees.

To Start, We Can Look for Opportunities to Support Low-Carbon Technology

A construction worker is pouring a pail of KIM into a concrete mix.
A construction worker is adding the VOC-free Hard-Cem directly into the concrete mix.

Those Aren’t the Only Steps You Can Take for Net-Zero-Carbon Concrete

Wooden logs locked into place against a forest floor are lined up in a row going upwards deeper into the forest.

Cement Producers Are Starting to Leverage Analytics for Better Energy Efficiency

You Might Also Want to Look into Alternative Fuels for Heating Kilns

It’s Also Worthwhile to See if You Can Substitute Cement Clinker

And No Matter Where You Are in the Industry, Don’t Forget to Keep Up with the Latest Net-Zero Emission Information

We Have a Lot of Work Ahead of Us, But It Is Possible and Certainly Worth It

A construction worker in a green plaid shirt is holding a white hard hat against a gray background.



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