The Disadvantages of Using High-Performance Concrete for Abrasion Resistance

High-performance concrete is being poured into an area for a project.

When Made with Silica Fume, This Concrete Offers Diminishing Returns

A pile of silica sand rests on concrete pavement.

Silica Fume Does More to Increase Compressive Strength Than It Does to Increase Abrasion Resistance

It’s Just Not the Biggest Contributor for Your Concrete’s Protection Against Abrasion

High-Performance Concrete with Extra Cement Is Better But Costly

A pile of cement is sitting on a blue floor.

Worse Still, It Can Come with a Number of Unwanted Side Effects

Cracks are showing in the concrete pavement.

These Can Include Application Concerns

Or They Might Include an Increase in Heat of Hydration, Which Can Lead to Other Structural Concerns

Another Concern Is the Additional Pollution That Comes from an Increase in Cement Content

You Don’t Have to Deal with These Issues

A high-angle view of three people with helmets, a female architect, foreman, and engineer, on a construction site, looking down at a blueprint.

Hard-Cem Increases Abrasion Resistance without Application Concerns

It Can Even Make Your Project More Sustainable

For a Less Risky, More Green Approach, Hard-Cem Is Worth It

A construction worker is lifting a Hard-Cem bag to put it into a ready-mix truck.



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