Interview: How Hard-Cem® Can Support Sustainable Construction

A road surrounded by grass, trees, and one lawn chair has the words “Sustainable Future” on it, and it leads to an illuminated Hard-Cem package, which is meant to help sustainable construction.

Thank you for joining us today, Ali! To start, can you tell us how Hard-Cem itself generally benefits sustainable construction?

So, we know Hard-Cem does offer green benefits. But is there documentation available on how Hard-Cem meets certain sustainability standards like with the LEED framework?

How was Hard-Cem validated for this sustainable construction documentation?

More specifically, what LEED credits could Hard-Cem contribute to?

There’s also that EPD for Hard-Cem you mentioned not too long ago, which was recently published this year. How did that come about?

It sounds like it covers a comprehensive look at Hard-Cem, including details on its life cycle and impact assessments. Based on this information, how do you think professionals of all kinds who want sustainable construction could benefit from the admixture?



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