Hard-Cem®: It’s Not Just for Warehouse Floors

Hard-Cem rests in the foreground against images of different projects it can handle.

For One, Hard-Cem Can Help Create Skate Parks Worthy of Awards

A young blonde-haired man stands on top of his skateboard before using it to traverse across the Hard-Cem-treated concrete.
*Photo courtesy of space2place design Inc.

It Can Even Protect Large Hydro Dam Structures from Erosion

A channel of water rests in front of the White River hydro dam.

Well-Known for This, Hard-Cem Was Used in the White River Hydro Project

Its Reputation Eventually Led It to Being Used in BC Hydro’s Largest Dam

Less Known Is Its Ability to Develop Durable Concrete Tanks

A ladder is resting against the inner wall of a concrete tank for a wastewater treatment tank.

In Short, It’s Great for a Wide Variety of Projects, Including Yours




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Kryton International Inc.

Kryton International Inc.

Kryton’s suite of innovative Smart Concrete® products offers the most effective concrete waterproofing, durability, and monitoring solutions in the world.