How COVID-19 Is Affecting Construction and What You Can Do about It

A multi-color COVID-19 virus floats onto screen.

Currently, COVID-19 Poses At Least Three Major Challenges to Construction

Worker Safety

Labor Shortages

Stagnant Productivity

However, You Can Reduce the Impact with the Following Steps

Cleaning and disinfecting products rest next to KIM and Hard-Cem products waiting to help combat the impact of COVID-19.

Encouraging Social Distancing and Health-Care Practices

  • Displaying signs at worksite entry points that list health and safety measures
  • Staggering project team break schedules to reduce the number of people in one space
  • Staying two meters apart from one another
  • Making sure only one person occupies a freight elevator
  • Reducing any in-person meetings
  • Cleaning and disinfecting personal protective equipment and other regularly touched items
  • Doing the same for surfaces that you often come into contact with
  • Wearing gloves whenever possible
  • Having workers avoid traveling to worksites together or with any other individuals
  • Encouraging the installation of extra handwashing stations
  • Self-isolating for two weeks if you experience any COVID-19-like symptoms

Using Less Labor-Intensive Products That Maximize Concrete Performance



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